Recipe Approval


Anyone with a user account may upload a recipe on EdiMeals. The recipe then gets entered into a queue, and the EdiMeals team reviews it for approval.

Basic Requirements

If a recipe does not meet the requirements below, we will notify the creator that we are not able to approve the recipe yet. They may edit the recipe and resubmit it.

  • A approved recipe should contain the following:
    • Ingredients
    • Ingredient amounts
    • Multiple steps
    • Number of servings
    • Cooking time
    • Photos
  • Your recipe must produce something edible

Content Format

  • For cooking steps that are complicated, please include a photo that reflects the action in the step.
  • Your title must be specific and descriptive (not “food” but “bacon sausage quiches”).
  • For steps with timed action, please include appropriate timers.
  • While categories are subjective, your labels must not be misleading. For example, please don’t categorize your 5000 calorie nacho recipe under “healthy” or give a recipe with heavy amounts of cheese a “non-dairy” label.
  • The photos must be of reasonable size/quality.
  • Reasonable spelling and grammar for recipes.
  • Each step must be specific with all ingredients used, and not refer to them as a group (“Add the ingredients for the sauce”, should be “Add peanut oil, ginger, soy sauce, and garlic…”)
  • If the recipe involves the oven, give advance notice to preheat the oven.
  • Recipes will immediately be rejected if they contain graphic images and/or text.


  • Uploaded photos must be produced by the recipe creator.
  • Your recipe must contain original content or properly cite its source. If plagiarization is found, we reserve the right to remove any content.

Additional Uploading Tips

  • Be very specific with
    • Your directions (e.g. if you use a blender, what speed should it be set at?)
    • Sizing (e.g. indicate if a large pan is used, or a 9×13 inch tray, etc.)
  • Keep your steps short and concise.
  • Storage and serving instructions are helpful at the end.
  • Please test out the recipe using your recommended measurements before uploading it to make sure they are accurate for the desired result.